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chicken was DRY!!

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Well I tried some split chicken breast yesterday and it was my first try at chicken. I brined for about 3 hours and put some rub on them and then smoked at about 300 with cherry chunks. I wasnt sure on the temp for chicken cause when I grill I go by looks, well my pre-set on my thermo said 180 for poultry. I thought 180 seemed high so I looked at one of my wifes cook books, it also said 180. So I took them out at 180 and man they looked and smelled AWSOME and the flavor was great also but I had to drink about a gallon of tea with dinner. Anyways I checked the USDA site this morning and it says 165 for chicken. So next time I think I'll do an over night brine and take them out at 165. I'm going to take the left over meat and shred and re-heat with some BBQ sauce for sandwiches so it wont go to waste. Lesson learned!
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When I do yardbirds (thighs, breasts, or whole), I like to brine them overnight. When I smoke, I take them off at 163-165. They will continue to cook until 170 or so. Never dry that way. Also, I dont do skin so I could care less if its crispy.

Time wise, at 225-250 it takes thighs and breasts about 1:30 to 1:40 for them to reach 165*. Whole birds, about 2:45.

Hope this helps for your next time.

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What ^ said.

165 will do it.
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The 300 smoking temp seems a little high, except for the last 20-30 min to crisp the skin if need be. I have only dried out one smoke and that was when I hurried it at a higher temperature. Usually use 250
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there are no benefits to smoking poultry low n slow.
275-325 gets you plenty of smoke and nicer skin! cool.gif
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Crewdawg said it all and said it right.
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Thanks guys. I think the temp was my biggest problem.
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I cook a lot of boneless skinless breasts. I like to mix mayo, minced garlic, salt, pepper, chili powder, and onion flakes. Slather it on the breasts (sorry, that got pretty graphic!) and cook them at 250 (with smoke) until they hit 165. Flip them once midway, if you like. Otherwise, shut the lid and walk away.

When they are done and rested, I like to throw them all in a bowl or a large zip top bag. Toss them together for a bit to even out the remaining sauce. Good stuff!
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Little fat on the breast meat. I usually do them lower temps also, then finish on the grill. Never brine either.
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