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Should I buy a GOSM?

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Looking for a propane smoker, already use an electric.

With GOSM going out of business, is this a safe purchase? I found one at a Wal-mart while on vacation.

Just want thoughts & opinions on whether I should buy something it may be difficult to get parts for.
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I have one, love it. I think that basically the only thing that could (by saying could, I mean have the potential) to break on these things would be the control valves, or maybe a burner hole get clogged, and if any of that happenned it would be a simple fix. the burner is solid brass with a ten year gaurantee. The company may not be around in ten years, but looking at the quality of that burner ,, I'm sure it will be.

Go ahead and buy it, you'll love it

I have heard of people on hear ordering parts....they got them, I think the only complaint was the customer service was kinda lacking.
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you will love it, great gas smoker!!! get the big block if you can!!!
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I agree with both Krusher and Erain. Have one and love it. Easy to use.
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The GOSM can turn out some good "Q" with little effort and usually priced reasoniable.
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Get the wide body if you can -- especially if you're trying to do spares or brisket.

I love my GOSM, but it is a tad narrow.
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I have the small GOSM (16") and have looked at the wide body (20"), however I am going to upgrade and I will get a big block (24")!

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I have the big block and love it.
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I also have the big block, and I only have two words to describe it. NO REGRETS.
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I've got the smaller version but seriously love it.... go get one!
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i also have a wide body and my 2 words are GREAT BBQ
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Getta GOSM and be happy for a long, long time!

I have the Big Block and LOVE it!

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buy it--you will love it.........
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I love mine, just ain't much ta go wrong with em. Most a the parts would be available from propane parts dealers anywho, other then the burner, an I beleive even that could be found somewhere. I'd get another in a hartbeat!
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you can get the 20 inch one from walmart and bassproshop.com has the 24 inch one.
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Buy it, big block #1 choice, then wide body then 16 incher. I too have an electric Smokin Tex brand an since getting my GOSM wide in the early spring The electric is used very little. I would have never thought I would say this but I could have bought 3 Big blocks for what I paid for the little electric, and would have been happier.
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Jump on it, they are great!!!! I have the wide body and luv it (when I get to use it)......
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I am so glad to hear all the positive info on the GOSM! The 16" was my birthday present and we're both loving it. Walmart had a serious deal on them and we just couldn't resist. We'd have gotten the 24" but I've got a root canal coming up this week and $$ are going to be stretched. PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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What was the "serious deal" on them at Walmart?
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It's going out of business AGAIN confused.gif
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