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I've got a great stack of Oak that has been unseasoned lately due to all of the rain. I also have a decent amount of orange wood that I need to cut up sometime soon.

I really want to find some hickory, maple, cherry or walnut sometime soon.

Will keep you posted if I come across any more orange.

It burns nice and has a light sweet smoke.

Good for chicken and pork.
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Reverse flow, way to go!

Any more pics or comments on the new Langs Guys/Gals???
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I am sure you will be pleased with your 48. I have the older model and cant find a complaint about it other than wife won't let me bring it in the house. LOL
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Are these new models the same price as the "old" ones?
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There was a rumor that Ben is going up on his rates real soon, so if you want thicker steel for the same money---buy now!

I am a little bummed his web site hasn't really changed to show newer pics and stuff---but I guess he really doesn't have to market very much since so many of us recommend his smokers!

Any more info--anyone?
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Langs cost more now!

Langs cost more now! His website prices are up for the first time in years!!
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OMG im in love!!!!!!!

just came across this beauty of a smoker. wow. still new to this but i have to say i am definately gonna pony up the dough for thw 48mobile next spring yahooooooPDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Which ones went up in price? The 48 and 60's are the same still.
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all of them, by at least 300.00 each
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i just bought a 48 patio for 1295.00, still the same price on my screen. Ben did say they were going up though.
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The 60 original was 2195 and now it is 2495, you probably never saw the old prices.

Congrats on your 48---you will love it:-)
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Now I see the changes. Makes me feel even better about the purchase.biggrin.gif
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Cool, you just made over 20% on your investment!! Sure beats wallstreet!!
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