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New Round of ABT's tonight

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Just came on the site a few days ago. You guys made me crave these. Ready to go on. Beginning pic..Chive and onion Cream Cheese, Bag of 4 Blend Mexican Cheese and Cajun Seasoning, plus some beer to wash it down with.

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They look great. Abt's are the Bomb. They are always a favourite are my house. All they neighbours expect to get some when the see the smoker going.
Let us know how they turn out.
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Looks like some yummy snacks are to be had by all. The stuffing for those peppers sound great too!! Hope to see some finished pics!
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Those ABT's look damn good..............
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Looks good, just made my first ones today with just cream cheese and bacon. Wife and I wolfed them down and second round on while the ribs are foiled. Hope you enjoy yours as well, can't wait for the Q view.
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Well they are done. Ready to sit down and eat some. Bacon wasn't as crisp as I wanted, but they are going to be good.

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CS13, I just finished eaten ant seein those made me want to enhale a dozen or so. Great job
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nice work! keep the view coming...
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Darn, no matter what I am smoking, I get on here and get q-envy...
those ABT'S look great! I have to many wimps around me only me and cabana boy eat em...
If you want to crisp up that bacon a bit give them a toss in a hot fry pan...that works for me.....
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