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Sunday Smoke YUM

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Smoked an Eye round roast, Beef ribs and some sorta meat thing with red,yellow and orange peppers with some onions all rolled up with some bacon. Turned out real good..YUMMY

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You "Dog". That's great. It does look yummy. Great smoke.
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Wow, great pics and sure looks yummy!
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Outstanding. Looks marvelous.
But can you do the forum a favor and in the Photobucket upload area, look for the blue colored OPTIONS link. Choose 800 x 600 or smaller. This will keep us from having to scroll right to view all the photos and read the text. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thems some good lookin eats man.
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The smoke looked great, especially the eye round roast. What internal temp did you let it smoke to before pulling it off?
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yup looks great and what flash said and don't let your hot dog stand dan.
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sumosmoke, I foiled it at 160 and pulled it at 190, let it sit for an hour and it sliced like butter.
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Looks good Devildog, nice smoke rings on all
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Don't ya love Sunday dinner??

That is one heck of a Sunday smoke!!
I must have missed that dinner invite.....i am gonna go check the mail box again...
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Looks really great. Nice smoke ring
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Looks good bud ...Please pass me a plate nice job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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