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Ketchup or Paste

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I plan on making BBQ Sauce and would like to know what is better to use, Ketchup or Paste? I think tomatoe paste would be better but first time if I use paste. Thanks for the help
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heck I make our catsoup-so I would only have paste in and write things down-good luck.
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PASTE has a MUCH more intense flavor.
Lookin for that?
Try addin some minced sun dried tomatoes also.
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I use ketchup more than paste or sauce, try it with paste and work from there, i use k-up more cuz of simple and consistant.
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I use Ketchup but paste would be good thickening agent and add more tomato taste if that is what you are looking for.
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my boss liked my bbq sauce so much we use it at his restaurant. i'm his pitmaster and one day i brought in a sample of my sauce and he was hooked.

(i'm curious, did Allen actually mean 'sauce' versus paste? i believe that paste would be waaaay to thick...)

i use a ketchup base due to it's consistency and already having spices already in it.


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I kinda agree with you. Paste will work if you can thin it out and add other things to get it to the right consistency.

Sauce would be easier to work with and and ketchup works great.

Good luck whatever you decide to do.
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