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Topeka KS fruit farm

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Hey I know there are a few smokers here besides myself in the Topeka KS area. Anybody ever buy any mesquite from Rees Fruit Farm? I know their apple and cherry is good, but since mesquite isn't native to these parts I wanted an opinion before I buy some. They sell it for 9.95 for a 20 pound box of 3" dia. 20" sticks.
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plenty of squite here in AZ-but not my fav. wood to smoke with-I spose it will be good wood-
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I also get wood from Rees's. Though I have not used their mesquite, I really do like their hickory and apple. I can't imagine it not being very good wood. give it a try and let us know how it is.
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I'm way late to the party! Yes buy their wood no matter which one. Apple and Cherry are also favorites from Rees.
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have you ever been to the bbq place in overland park they have a great selection of wood
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