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Pork Tenderloins,Mojo and Dry Rubbed w/ QVIEW

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Had some pork tenderloins in freezer and figured it high time to use them. Marinated one pair in Wee Willies Mojo sauce(which incidently i have some up on the sauce trade post), and the other pair did the mustard slather and Jeff's rub treatment. I am going to smoke these with cherry wood and spritz the rub ones with apple juice/AE jamican rum spritz. and the Mojo ones will keep getting basted with the WW mojo sauce. will up date later.

Pork Tenderloins awaitin treatment

The left side in Wee Willies Mojo, rt in mustard slather/Jeffs rub

thanks for ckin my Qview!!!
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Looks great as usual, nice start......I will be waiting for the gold medal finish! k 2000 ;)
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Nice looking loins you have there..sure they'll be great..good luck
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great start Erain. Can't wait for the results.
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Awesome looking marinade and cuts of pork. Looking forward to the smoke ring on those babies!
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smoked at 225 till internal temp aprox 135-140 deg, wrapped amd towed. as said earlier 2 basted with mojo sauce, the other 2 with apple juice and AE rum. the two with the rub were finished with an orange ginger sauce.

water pan-apple juice and herbs
beleive it or not, parsley,sage,rosemary,and thyme, think i was listening to S&G... NOTTTT

into smoker

ready to take a nap in foil

finish pics will come in a bit, thks for ckin my qview!!!
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Well, never heard of THAT Mojo before, but you know how I feel about Mojo PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Man Erain, that looks GOOD. I am headed right now to check out that mojo sauce you posted. Cant wait to see the final pics.
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dang laurel, no smoke ring to be found... sorry for the letdown, LOL i know the gosm not as good as wood... but is almost like the mojo sealed the loin from the smoke, ya think? it sure taste good but absolutly no sign of a smoke ring on it. the rub with orange sauce has a lil.mebe i need that 7th smoker, a wood burner. lol!!!
the mojo-looks purty pale

the orange ginger

thks for ckin my qview!!!
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Nice juicy loins erain. Really looks good.
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looks great erain!!! I think your right about the rub keeping out the smoke ring, but that does'nt mean the flavor is'nt there.

awesome job buddy.

have a good week.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great looking Sunday smoke, erain! Glad ya shared some pics with us!
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Great looking meat Erain..I know it tasted great..good job my friend PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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