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My first smoke.

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So I did my first smoke today. I got my SnP about a month ago, but all I had done so far was grill on it. Only mods so far are duel thermometers and I put a cookie sheet in it as a temperary damper. I smoked some country style ribs, I have always hated grilling those, most of the time they turned out too tough. I thought they would be a good test, since I have grilled them quite often on my old POS propane grill hot and fast. Smoking low and slow (2,2,1) = WOW, I cant belive how good they were. My fist smoke was a great success. Im sorry I dont have a picture. Ill do better next time. I also smoked a couple of fatties, they turned out great too. Im hooked now. I cant wait to do some real spare ribs. I can also see I need to do some more mods, extend the chiminey, install a better baffle, and a fire box is a must.

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone on the forum, There is a TON of great information contained on this site. It has quickly become one of my favorite forums.

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Glad it worked out for ya Tuna. You smoked 'em without the firebox? I assume the pan/baffle was set up to keep the fire on one end then eh? Cool!
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Hey Rich, I think he may have meant coal basket!

Good job Tunaboat!
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Ahhh- When he said "All I have done is grilling" I assumed he had not got the SFB, or not installed it yet. My bad... thanks for the clarification Dan!
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Yep, sorry i was sleepy, thats what I meant, I need to build a coal basket. I have the side firebox, but coals fall through the little grate in the bottom of it. I can see the baffle makes a big difference. When I first started the smoke I just turned the charcoal basket for the grill upside down and raised it to the highest adjustment on the firebox side to help control temps, then I found an old cookie sheet , and it made a big difference.

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Congrats on your smoke Tuna
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congrats on your success tuna keep up the good work
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Congrats on you first smoke. You'll be pushing the envelope from now on...
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