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Chuck Roast

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Any tips for smoking a Chuck Roast? Should I inject with a BBQ marinade or not? BBQ rub or something like a steak rub? Gonna be pulled.
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i like to marinade beef in Mojo. Sometime I will add Jeff's rub to it, but not necessary. Mojo is that good. you gonna pull or slice? Oops see you are gonna pull it. Which type of chuck are you using?

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Man, that roast looks good! All I know is that it's a choice boneless chuck. What is Mojo?
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Mojo is a citrus-based marinade. I think it's mostly Cuban, but I think that you find it in Latin and Caribbean cuisines (I could be wrong about that though).

If you do a search for it on Google, you'll find a lot of variations on it. It works well for meat because the acid in the citrus helps tenderize the meat (although you need to marinate for a few hours for it to have any actual tenderizing effect). It's a distant cousin to the marinade you'd use for ceviche. The main difference is that it's usually heavily spiced. So it's almost like a cross between a ceviche marinade and a jerk seasoning without the cinnamon and nutmeg. It's more cumin based.
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