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I'm confused as to the use of wet wood or dry wood for the best smoke.
Which do you recommend using?icon_rolleyes.gif I have a gas smoker.
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I'm just a newbie also, but there seems to be a great debate. I started soaking my chips, but found I lost some of my rub this way, and have now been smoking without soaking.
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I personally never use wet or soaked wood. But it is a personal preference I guess. Some people do soak the wood.
Hope this helps.
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Only soak to prevent burning. oh, and smoking.
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Good advice I thought. As with about 5999 others. My sense of humor forced the others ;{) Like this one.
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I use wood chunks and small logs so I don't soak, if I was using chips I may soak and the wrap in foil with a few holes in the foil,

I have to agree on wet wood takes longer to start burning and smoking, It may look like smoke coming off the wet wood, but I think it is more of a steam, JMO
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I use dry chunks in my gasser. Soaked wood just smolders for a while before it dries out enough to smoke.

Hope this helps!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Personal choice mainly, I don't soak my wood (carefull this is a family forum yall), I use chips an chunks in my GOSM, chips cause I make my own, chunks cause (yah ya guessed it), I make my own. Always let it dry (otherwise known as season) well then use it fer smokin. Just the way I do it, yall try it different ways an see what ya like the best. Good luck.
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I don't soak either.
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The only time I've used wet chips with the GOSM, is when I've had to add them to hot coals, it helps prevent flare ups. I mostly use chunks and don't wet them.
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I soaked them the first time I ever smoked, but it was the last time - I get so caught up in grinding and stuffing and rubbing and cutting that I ferget to soak 'em... this middle age ain't for sissies any more! I had a memory once but forget where I put it.. plus soakin' retards the smokin' and I'm too impatient to wait that long... or I'll forget what I'm doin'... I told you about my long lost cousin that time with the hickory chunks, didn't I? Oh wait, it was my brother's cousin.. or was it .. no, never mind.. dang! I just tried to light fire to my dog 'stead of the smoker... they look about the same.. goin' back to bed... they strap me in...
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LOL biggrin.gif For me , somedays it just wasn't worth chewing through the leather straps PDT_Armataz_01_26.gif
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I soaked them at first, but now I just throw in chips of chunks dry, had a flareup once usin dry, so I started puttin foil over the top and unchin a couple five or six holes in and it works great. Get smoke in about 5 minutes
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