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Iowa Chops and more w/q-view

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Today is our anniversary. 28 years. Gave the wife a choice of going out to eat or I could smoke something at home. Decided to stay home. She wanted my Iowa chops. I've never done these on the smoker. Done them for years on the grill. Anyway, the Iowa chops are about 1 1'4" thick. Lay on top of 2 slices of bacon. Then a slice of onion, green peppers, and a tomato. Wrap up the bacon and put in a toothpick. Last 5 min. or so put a slice of cheese on top. We also had zucchini boats stuffed with sausage, onions,parm cheese and zucchini, ABT rats, stuffed green peppers, for the wife, and cucumber salad. Started with hickory and finished with apple. Will never do them on the grill again!

chops with a little rub on the bacon

all wrapped up

on the smoker

all done
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yumm-that looks great-I dislike eating out-find all sorts of reasons not to-and that there feast is another! good job.
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Looks great Mark!
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Thanks you two. They really are very good and simple to make.
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That is great. All the food looks awesome. Congrads on 28 yrs. Cucumber salad looks great.
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congrats on the aniversary first off!!!! and the food looks incredible!!!!
great job!!!
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Thanks guys
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Hey first thing congrats on your anniversary !! Second The food looks great ! great q-view PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks great. Nice smoke ring on that zucchini lol, congrats on the anniversary
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Congrats on 28 years. Those look really nice, gonna try that set up some times, i like the veggies.
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congratulations on the 28 years!! those chops look real good. Did you like them on the smoker better than the grill?
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Congrats on the 28 years Mark! That be a fine accomplishment these here days! An them vittles be mighty fine to! Here's ta another 28 years an more terrrific smokes!
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Thanks everyone. Krusher, all though these are excellent on the grill, IMO, everything tastes better on the smoker. If you do them on the grill, do them with indirect heat for 1 hr. Don't open the lid at all. Last few min. put the cheese on the top.
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I've got allot more zucchini coming next week. Need to find different ways to smoke them. I like the boat idea. Might try some diff things in it. Is it good sliced and put on the smoker?
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Happy anniversary to you and the Mrs., Mark! Looks like a delicious smoke you had for dinner, good choice by the wife to stay home!

To what internal temp did you smoke those chops?
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Thanks Laurel. I smoked them to 162*. I like pork between 160-165 so this was perfect.
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Cool Mark, thanks again for the temps ... have a couple rib roasts on now, and they're around 144 ... will smoke them to the temp you did and will take pics.
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mark.....i thought you was going to do the next batch of abts, like we do.........with just a SLICE of bacon on top........?????
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Congratulations on 28 years, what an accomplishment. food looks good too.
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The next batch was done that way. This is the 4th batch since then. Wife likes them better wrapped. I like your way better.
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