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Kinda freaking out

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I just noticed 2 small living clear worms on my Red Salmon as I was letting it get tacky before smoking. I have found limited info on the web, as far as fish worms go, and they are supposed to be harmless as long as I cook to 140-150. Any one have experience with these things. (Good Gosh, I am sure glad I never noticed any of these thing in the past). Deciding if I should toss it or go for it....if it was infested with them I would surely toss, but since no others appeared I think they were the only ones.Thanks
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I'm not sure, I know if it was me the fish and worms would be in the trash, Just me.
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I'm sure we eat more creatures than we know of. They are nasty little worms in the fish though. I hate throwin out good meat. I guess it's your choice.
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I agree on we eat things all the time and don't know it, But just knowing it after seeing is good enough for me, LOL
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me personally i toss it...hate to waste money but also would hate to be in the hospital for some kind of food poisoning or something
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Yeah, I had the feeling this would be the general outlook, my husband would probably be real upset with me if he knew, and I dont know if I could go through with eating it myself....Just wondering if anyone else ever saw them. (I think they are called Cod worms, or thats about all I could find online)
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Phew... tough call I guess. Unless I knew specifcally... EG: I'd take photos or bring to perhaps a DNR or Ag. extension office..>I'd ask for a refund. Or were they wild caught?
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And they lived thru the salting/brining? Hmmm strange.
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Was this fresh caught salmon?
We get white worms in our Saltwater Speckled trout at times. I've ate them for years and ain't dead yet. biggrin.gif
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yeah, if they lived through the salting/brining, I'd say toss it. Just show the hubby and say 'so dear, how would you like your worms done?'
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I want you on MY side in a barfight..OK? ;{)
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I did go online and read that it's won't hurt so long as you cook above 135 or freeze for 24 hours.
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It was labeled Wild Caught Sockeye Fillets, I got it from a Meijer Store.... Worms were opaque less than an inch long and were coiling, and they went down the drain too... I only used a dry Salt & Sugars rub for about 5 hours. Rinsed and noticed something moving moving which caught my eye.
Oh well, I still have a good looking pink salmon that I have getting ready, and there's always room for a Fatty too....
I am going to call the store to let them know though. I just dont think I could manage to serve it or eat it myself.
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Don't blame ya. Sigh. We are whimps...but yanno, we DO live much longer these days then we did a hundred plus years ago.

In absolute reverse gear..I STILL say we don't eat enough "dirt" any more. It's wiping out our immune systems.
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Oh man, I'm letting my salmon get "tacky" right now, I didn't need to hear this. I'll be checking them over really well.
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