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Sort of--

Sort of Neens, When I did all the mods on the LAng 60, I installed cast iron bottom grates for ease of cleaning, heat retention, and to make grilling easier. The grates are commercial restaurant charbroiler grates. I think there is 11 of them at about 5" wide by around 22" deep. Here is a pic of when they were new, half of them were newly seasoned and not smoked with yet so you'll see a color difference:-)

To answer your question, they are around 3/4 inch thick which I believe makes them lower than the original grates by maybe 1/2" or more:-)

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14 Hours !
wow - that's planning ahead lol. I get winged at if I'm 30 mins later with the food than I said I'd be (you don't rush good food right ?, right !)

Love the sound of the pork and beans. I have no idea what cut you call brisket as in england it's the cheapest beef cut you can buy and usually sold rolled and netted. I use it exclusively for burgers and grills (a grill is an irregular shaped burger eaten without the bun)
In fact I think the biggest learning curve I can see on this forum is trying to work out what cuts of meat everyone on the forum is talking about. We either don't get them in the uk or they're called something else.

Oh yeah that and never having used farenheit or cooked anything using farenheit temperatures :-)

So just how often would you do a 14 hour hot smoke ?
I mean is this like a weekly thing or just special occasions ?
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I think the same cut of meet in the UK would be a corned beef, but when we BBQ that, we get it fresh without the corned beef spices. The cut is so tough that it needs to be cooked low and slow, and then rested for the best results:-) My briskets were pretty much servable at 1o hours, but I let them sit in my warmer for another 4---can't hurt em!!!

For me, I do long smokes when I am having a party or going to one or just happen to get a deal on the meat!

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It looks like it gives you enough room for that 3rd shelf maybe enven a 4th if your smoking just ribs. Did you cut down the second shelf that came the lang? In that pic it looks smaller.
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Yes, I cut the original shelf down and welded some flatbar "sled rails" to the legs to make it easy to slide around. It's good for doing jerky too:-)

You'll notice the slide outs are made from the old original bottom grates
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I thought thoes were the grates. Good way to make use of what you already have. With all the mods you have made im not sure ben would even know that was one of his.
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I'm sure Ben would be interested in some of Steves ideas, and probably offer him a partnership for a shop in Maine!cool.gif
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That looks like some great Q and those are some pretty sweet mods to the lang. Wish I could have tasted it.
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