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8# Butt and St Louis Ribs Q-View

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Well here's what we have on the menu for today. 1 8lb Butt, 2 slabs st louis style ribs, Johnsonville brats. I used Jeffs rub on the butt and injected it with some cajun creole garlic. Used the same rub on the ribs. The Chix (I know wrong forum, I'll post it over there later) gets injected with cajun creole butter, enuff said on the chix. The brats are for lunch and the ribs are for dinner tonight and the butt is for tomorrow, will pull tonight. Using a 50-50 mix of apple juice and canadian mist as spritz each hour. Using RO Lump and Jack Danials oak and some hickory.

The fuel and wood.

Using a modified minion method

Butt rubbed and ready for smoker at 5am smoker at 230

At 7am smoker at 230 and butt at 98

At 9am smoker humming along at 235 Butt at 138 added fuel of 1 chimney
will update as the day progress more pics to come
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looks good so far. looking forward to the finish Q, by the way what time is supper
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Ladies and gentlemen... they're off and running.
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These are at 11:00am, Ribs with jeffs rub with a lite coat of mustard.

On the grill had to use rib rack as I suppose you can see. Butt is at 142 now and may be hit a stall,,we'll see
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Looks good! My brisket yesterday didn't even stall. Just kept on cooking. Maybe your butt is just having a slow moment biggrin.gif .
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The Butt was 142 at 11am and at 12:30 it's 145, maybe it starting to climb..hope..hope
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yumm all looks so good-and I just love the little rottie-can't wait for finish pics-thanks
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Thanks..She's not so little now I need to update my avatar. She now weighs around 90#. She won't stay still long enough to get a good picture
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Looking good !
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Well Ribs are done and Butt is in the oven.

Butt just about to get foiled and in the oven

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Good lookin ribs and butt Dennis
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Grub looks great Dennis.
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Thanks for all the nice comments...But I have some questions which I will post tomorrow..They are about the Butt, this is only my second one and the first I didn't follow the usual method but that a story for tomorrow...
Thanks again BTW...It is was 9:45 when I took the Butt out of the oven and put in the cooler...It was on the smoker at 5:00am...Will detail tomorrow..I still have to pull this bad boy tonight.
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everything lokks great,,nice job
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