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Okay - Which Member Did It ???????

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I just rolled my first Fattie (I know, I know - no pics it never happened!). Which member 1st suggested rolling it out in a zip lock bag and then cutting it open? This method worked great! Thank you.

I am doing two Boston Butts (7-8 lbs each) today and will add the two Fatties a little later this afternoon.
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blues man i think it was capt dan that said that...its a real good techniquie isn't it...helps me out...
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could you please refresh me on the technique.ive never done it before
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That technique goes way back before I was a member. I'll do a members search and be back.
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I couldn't find the one i wanted, but here's one that'll help by Geek with Fire
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After that roll it in the saran wrap nice and tight, that worked great on mine last night.
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yep - rolled them out in plastic wrap and they turned out great. I did a breakfast and a pizza fattie. My youngest daughter saw them when I took them off the smoker and could not wait to try them. I wrapped them up in foil and took them to the family gathering. They were gone within seconds and she didn't even get a bite! The look was priceless!

I will be doing some of these everytime I smoke from here out. Man they were good.
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here is the link by capndan,,hope this helps
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Thanks ...........

Capt Dan Your method works great. If your new to the trying a Fattie, this really did work well. Check out the link posted by krusher.
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Gypsyseagod was the originator of the fatty in the bag method. He was talking about doing it that way when I joined in April 2007.
Hes no longer a member, and he deleted his membership so I cant confirm it. But Im positive it was him.
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Yes, I can't take any credit about the zip lock idea. ds 7664 was the one who shared the technique with me. He was nice enough to PM me about it a month after I joined in Nov 07. I did come up with the other part of my technique on my own after alot of practice. I am glad it is helping others get started in the fatty
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