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Beer in the Butt Chix

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Hi All!
I am cooking 2 beer in the butt chix for a work fun in the sun pool party,
here are game plans:

Lemon Rosemary Chicken
1/2 cup salt
8 cups water
5 stix of lemon grass cut in 1/3rds
1 lemon sliced
1 1/2 tbl cumin
1 1/2 tbl tumeric
6 stalks fresh rosemary
brought to a boil then shut off and cooled
chix in .. I am wrapping this one in panchetta before she goes on the grill

Coconut Rum Passion Chicken
1/2 cup salt
2 cups water
boiled to dissolve salt
takrn off heat cooled
2 12 oz cans pinapple coconut nectar
1 cup lite Bacardi rum
2 cups passion fruit juice
2 tbl coconut powder (whisked in)
this chicken I am going to rub a papaya paste (mashed with garlic and a dash curry) between the skin and breast, inside and out.
Pix to follow...
Happy weekend everyone, Happy smokes,

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Sounds great don't forget the Qview!! You always come up with some great recipes
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Nice, I will be following your QVIEW.
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Well ya all, I got to the party only to find I had no charged battieres...oppps So no i guess it didn't happen...and the chix that didn't happen was very tastey indeed!
I will repeat both brines again soon....
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Soo no calories either! Never take another pict eh?! LOL!
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Been there done that..know how you feel BBQG
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That's why I keep an extra set in the camera bag. The chix sounded good though.
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ok here is where the blonde comes in...I have two extra sets in my case...I guess i had not charged them....dee da dee....charging now...dee da deePDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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well bein u confessed i spose we have to go ez on ya.... 2019 lashes LOL
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The ingredients and everything else sounded like it made for a delicious beer but chicken(s). Too bad there aren't any pics but my imagination is running wild with how they looked and tasted!! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Sorry about your dead battery issue.

Interesting brine....

Where do you find fresh lemon grass??

Very useful for other things too.

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Hi Dale,
Did I tell ya that is my favorite name?? well...its a racin' thing!! lol!

The lemon grass is readily available at my local super markets, Ralphs (krogers) Pavillions and then the Asian markets in my area also carry it.
Sorry it took me a bit to answer..
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I am just bummed that there are no pics from around the sun pool !!!
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Next time I promise to get all the q-vue even if the twins are playing...
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If the twins are playing..... I expect some q-vue !!!
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wink.gif Yep there are lots of guys named Dale. Some not so young, others young like that Jr guy... biggrin.gif

I lived in Southern California for a few years... Not so easy to find lemon grass in Indiana, many Krogers but no Ralphs... Will check a couple of Asian markets.

Lemon grass is great for steamed fish. And now that you point it out I'm sure to try it in a brine.

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Hey OlllllllOCJ,

We are practically neighbors. I'm in Fishers. There is an Asian grocery store at the back of Castleton Mall. Just discovered the place for myself and they have some unique produce to say the least. Its all fresh though and thats what counts. I would think that Marsh would have lemon grass before Kroger would. Just my $.02.
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