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A Wise Man once said...

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A Wise Man once said "If one desires to become great,one must associate with those greater then one's self"
So here I am with a desire to become a great griller/smoker.
About me can be viewed on my profile so we won't wast space here.
I have a basic understanding of the physics of fire and I possess meat burning skills(kindergarden art class vs Picasso)so as you can figure out I will be doing more reading than posting.
I am looking forward to getting to know all of you and eventually sharing what I have learned with others.
In advance....those who have shown me kindness and patience...I will remember you when I become famous.
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Welcome Motor! Enjoy your time here as there is a weath of knowledge to be tapped.
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welcome motor hedd to a great site
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Welcome aboard Motor, A lot of expereince on the site, and a bit of wisdom too icon_smile.gif
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Welcome to SMF. You found the right place to learn. Lots of good folk here with tons of knowledge that they are willing to share. Ask any questions that you may have, and remember here we believe that there is no dumb question unless it is the one not asked. Remember smoke cooking is a very addiction hobby with no known cure. With that stated just hold on tight and enjoy your journey in to the mystical world of smoking.
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Welcome aboard Motorhedd! Ya came to the right place to bump your smokin prowess up several notches. Do your homework: read, read, read! There are so many posts in here that cover almost every thing you can think of regarding smoking. If ya can't find what you're looking for, by all means ask!
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Welcome to SMF Motor. The 5 day ecourse is a must for beginners. Keep all smoke thin and blue as possible. Cook to temp, not by time. There's a few things in between and outside those maxims, but that's the core! Enjoy!
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Welcome to SMF glad you joined us. As has been stated theres lots of info here. There are also some great recipes and don't forget we like Qview. Have fun and happy smoking
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welcome aboard-glad to have you.
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Welcome to the SMF Hedd! We are all glad you found us. Got your pm this morning. Hope I am one of those you remember when you become famous!lol
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welcome aboard, ask all the questions that you want, we love to help people come up in this art. do you have a smoker yet?

Hope we can help answer any question that you may havePDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Welcome MH glad ur here.
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Welcome Motor Hedd. Glad you found the site. Any questions you have, day or night, there's always someone here for you.
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Welcome Motor, glad to have ya join the crew
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Welcome to the smf family. It's a great place full of people with all kinds of smokin smarts.
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Post, ask, learn and Qview.. Great stuff here..Welcome
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Thanx to all of you for the warm welcome.Have already gone into overload with all the good info.This ia a truly great forum!
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A Wise Man once told me
That if he spent 5 minutes talking to every nice person on the face of the earth that he'd never get through them all before it was his time to go "upstairs".

He said at that point in time I decided not to waste ANY of my time talking to the a holes of the world.

Think about it. I've adopted the system and that's why I spend time with the fine folks associated with this forum. Makes life easier and more enjoyable.

Oh and by the way, THAT'S how I became a great wrestler. I got my butt kicked all the time and then finally I could beat the best. The GOOD Old Days as it were.
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Welcome to the world of smoke all the help you need is here..enjoy
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Welcome MH,
Nice intro..there are a lot of fine people in here...
Happy Smokes!!
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