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No weld drum basket

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Finally got around to making a "proper" basket for my drum.

By imn88fan

Started with a 8" x 48" piece of expando, bent carefully around a propane tank to form the shape and bolted together....

By imn88fan

Used bailing wire to tie it to a Weber kettle charcoal grate.....

By imn88fan

Added 3 - 3 1/2"x5/16" carriage bolts with double washers and nuts for feet....

By imn88fan

Use a length of thick wire for a handle and you've got a basket capable of 14 hr + burns!
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Nice info. I have been playing with my welder trying to make one and it isn't agreeing with me.(I'm not a welder)
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Very nice. I'm going to add those "feet" to by basket and get rid of the bottom grate since my basket has one already.
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Nice! I don't have a welder, and this saves me from having to trouble a friend for welding... :)

Good ol' bailing wire... it's in the same list as duct tape... wink.gif
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Hey Bubba. At the top of the charcoal smokers thread there is a sticky for info on UDS's. You should add your post to it so this good information is in one spot for all those seeking information on a UDS.

I have a couple drums in tampa that are mine for free whenever I can get up there. So hopefully this month I will start my build. I will keep this charcoal basket in mind for it. Thanks for posting it!
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Bubba, I'm not trying to bust yer chops but them ain't carriage bolts buster (I know it's a technicality - but I owe ya a few)

These are carriage bolts ...
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Yep, right you are, it was VERY laste when i originally started this thread PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Bumping this up for the unlearned. cool.gif
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Nice basket, love the use of the weber grill for a bottom.
Would have saved me a lot of work.
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I noticed the size of your basket was built with an 8 x 48 piece of expanded, but at the hardware store i could only find 16 x 32. Would you cut it in half and try to piece together the 8" size or will I be ok using the 16" but having a narrower circle?
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Cut it in half and go with the bigger, shorter basket. IMO cool.gif
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I made a variation of the no-weld charcoal basket.......still uses the (ahem) "carriage" bolt feet....but no bolts to make the ring, and no wire to attach to the weber charcoal grate.

I know....I pics didn't happen....I'll get some asap and get em on here.....wink.gif

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