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12.92 in Georgia.
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Weird. Using the Lowes link above I determied that the price of this thermometer varies from 15.99 to 5.99 in the various Lowes around atlanta. i guess i will drive across town to get one at 5.99.
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FYI.... Not sold in the Canton or Westland locations per the link provided.
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Only 1 store had it at 10 + dollars, so I stopped at Wal Mart and got this for 11 instead of 14, any good?

If not, i'll just take it back.

Thanks for any input.
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I've got 3 of these. Really like them. If you use 2 bases and probes and 1 reciever, it will read both temps. Saves on batteries on the other reciever. I use i for the meat and 1 probe for smoker temps.
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Thanks for the quick reply. Just got it open and was wondering how I would set this up for just monotoring the smoker temps? Many more options than my Taylors, bit confusing, but most things can be first off.

Thanks, Ron
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For the smoker temps I just keep it on beef and raise the temps up to 270 or what ever you want. That way if I get a spike the alarm will go off.
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Wow another quick reply, thanks again. I shoulda figered that out, duh.
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No problem, 1 other thing, don't let the probes touch the grills. That's why I have a 3rd one. I was taking it out of the meat, it was a little hot, and I dropped it. It reads 325 all the time now. So now the reciever works as a stop watch now to let me know how long I have had stuff on and when to put other things on.
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Thanks, that's what is so great about this site, everyone helps one another to learn better.

I flipped ya some points for the quck help.
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Thanks ron
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So everyone knows...

When I checked the link it showed the Lowes 5 minutes from my house didn't carry them. I called the store and gave them the item number and they said they had 6 for $5.99. I went to the store and told them the store in Chicago, (where the originator of this post is located) had them for $3.97 and they matched that price. I bought 5 of them.

To the person in Dayton, OH could you give us the phone # to your Lowes so other people can use that store for a reference to get the price of $3.74.

Hope everyone is able to scoop them up. I got 5!

Regardless of what the computer says, call the store.
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Thanks for the link JF. Saved me a trip for disappointment, cause I was setting my alarm to head to lowes first thing in the morning!
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And thanks to you BCFishMan, now I'll go there anyway!
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I have 2 of these myself. It has a el cheapo lcd flashlight built in that comes in handy every now n then but the only thing I don't like is the display has no backlight. If you'r pullin an all nighter you'll need a light to read it or take it inside with ya. With both bases on, each reciever will flip back and forth and read both temps. I leave a reciever out at the pit and bring one inside. Pretty handy. One thing to look out for is the batteries can get out of alignment and the base may drop out (green light off is a clue ;) ) If it does just pop off the cover and make sure they're fully seated in their slots. So far these have been fine little units. Looks like I'll be looking for Lowes in Peoria tomorrow though. It's always great to have backups. And at that price it's a no brainer. :)
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Found out that the Pinellas Park store has them, Thanks BC Fishman icon_smile.gif the rest in the area doesn't from what I can see, so if you feel like making the drive over the bridge Saturday afternoon, I'm smoking some salmon in the area. biggrin.gif Oh and I have beer..........
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Wanted to bump this up to the top for anyone that may have not seen it.

Happy with the 5 I picked up.
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i just got 3 for $5.99 ea at the store in oakland park . sweeeetbiggrin.gif
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$5.99 in Sedalia, MO. I picked up 6 of them. I'll probably use them, but if not, that's a pretty cheap probe replacement for the ones I already had.

Thanks to RoadRunr and all for posting!
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Great informational post!!! I just called the Lowes on my way home from work and they had 4 that they've put on hold for me. Can't beat the price and will send two to my brother for his new smoker ...
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