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Instant Cole Slaw W/QVIEW YUM, YUM

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I have been wanting to make some slaw, but couldn't decide what recipe to use, Mayo or vinegar. While at Sam's I picked up a bag with all the other stuff, carrots etc.

I was at the Mayo isle wondering if we needed some and called the wife and she said no. Leaving the isle at the end I spotted this. The ingredients sounded interesting so I picked one up thinking it may also be a good rub instead of mayo. Maybe also on a sammie.

First thing at home I opened the bag and poured some on. All I could say is it a perfect match.

I going to rub my next butt with it.

If you like a creamy type slaw, give this a try. I have seen this demonstrated with chicken strips before, at Sam's.

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Thanks for the tips Ron. I love slaw, but don't usually have the time or ambition to shred up everything. I will have to give this a try. Points.
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Same here, thanks for the points.
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Thanks Ron!
I love your posts, always helpful!
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Thanks BBQGODESS. I appreciate the compliment.
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I've used that dressing on corn on the cob that turned out AWESOME!!! Give it a try...clean the corn up real good, slather with the dressing, wrap in aluminum foil and grill or smoke...the sweetness is out of this world.
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Sounds good. Is that in place of butter?
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That stuff is good on everything!! We buy 10 bottles of it to put on a punch board at the VFW! It's good on baked potatoes, chicken, as a dip for chips and pretzels! Probably good heated up over top of veggies too!
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yep, it keeps it so moist and sweet no need for butter.
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Sounds good. I'm going to look for it
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Thanks, I'll try that next time.

Good ideas thanks.
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Coleslaw in a bag ?
I'm shocked. A good slaw takes about 10 minutes to prepare and tastes infinitely better than anything you buy.

My standard slaw recipe. (no actual shredding required)

Finely chop (not shred) half a green/white (called white in the uk green in the states) cabbage.
peel an apple and using a fairly course grater, grate into the bowl.
Finely chop a small oinion and ad to bowl
Grate a medium carrot into the bowl.
Add fresh ground black pepper and a shake of garlic powder, add a good teaspoon of honey and mix well.
Then add about 2 tablespoons of good mayo and stir in. Ideally the slaw should look moist but without an obvious coating of mayo.

Because you're chopping and not grating, it's hassle free and the apple and honey just lift it above anything you can buy that it's criminal not to make your own. :-)
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(notes down the recipe) And for me, a little sprinkle of celery seed, but I'm odd like that.
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I know, I have been waiting for the food police to arrest me.confused.gif

Thanks for the recipe though, I'm sure some will like it.
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Oh, that is part of the ingredients.

I missed your post, sorry.
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