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Monster Chuck Rolls!!!

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Meat man just dropped off a case of Chuck Rolls, gonna smoke em till they fall apart for my daughters Grad party on Saturday.
Look at the size of these bad boy's!!

By imn88fan

Tape measure for scale.....

By imn88fan

3 to a case, totalling 53 lbs!

Also cooking a rack of ribs for dinner....

By imn88fan

Another beauti......I mean rough day at the office!

By imn88fan
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Looks good don't forget some Qview and sorry bout the tough day at the office biggrin.gif
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Fine looking mmeat. How are you going to prep them?
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Good lookimg meat bud should make for a great q-view
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Yep those look to be about the right size. If they'er too big for the UDS, you can always cut them in half.
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Chuck Rolls, don't think I ever seen them down here confused.gif
Look forward to the QView
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You got it, 3 to smoke, 1 and a half in each drum!
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OHHHHH, Be still My Heart!!!icon_cool.gif
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I saw pictures....apparently this is really gonna happen!
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Holy Steer.
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I that could only be our roughest days,lol. Looks like it's gonna be a good smoke.
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