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Favorite wood for spares?

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I've been using hickory for pretty much everything. But I picked up some Peach and Pecan. I was thinking about laying down some mesquite and finishing the ribs with the peach. whacha think?
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Peach straight up is good on pork.

If you ever get your hands on some apple and cherry, try a combo of 2 parts apple to 1 part cherry.
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I used all cherry on the last ones I did and I thought they turned out great.
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i vote cherry
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I use 1 part hickory, 2 parts cherry.
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Found some pecan chuncks at sportsmens warehouse a while ago and gave them a try on spares. The wife and family really enjoyed them. It's a mild sweet wood that compliments spares well. Happy smoking
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ditto TH, mesquite is to strong...
just use the pecan...thin and blue...if ya smell smoke your smoking!
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I'm surprised eek.gif . I thought most would be using hickory on their ribs. icon_smile.gif
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Apple wood and royal oak lump. While I use this combination for everything ('cause I have my own supply of apple wood), I still think apple is the best thing I've found for pork.

I agree that cherry is good too, but I think it is better served for poultry.
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i do a combo..........apple/cherry first, then apple/cherry/maple after i pull outta the foil.........
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looks like a poll should be done!
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I just did ribs with mesquite last weekend, and they were darn fine!
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i use mainly hickory i just received some apple wood that was used this past weekend and the family really liked the taste of that too. i used mesquite on ribs only once and the ribs were almost inedible i may have used to much but in my opinon if you plan on using mesquite. use it sparingly because it is a strong smoke.
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For my pork cooks, both ribs and shoulder, I use a combo of oak and hickory. I find that oak contributes a very mellow but rich flavor to pork and use it as a base for most smokes.

Burt icon_smile.gif
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Cherry over Apple?
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50/50 mix of hickory and apple. But from the other posts, ya'll got me thinking about trying cherry, hmmmm?
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my goto is always hickory but I have done a mix of hickory and apple or cherry and it turned out pretty good
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I am a hickory fan for just about everything. Could be because I haven't tried anything else....icon_rolleyes.gif
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What he said.
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I hafta agree with this.....have only done spares one time, and used a mix of oak and cherry......50/50.....very rich flavor with some nice sweetness from the cherry. Gonna try a mix of oak and apple on the next go around.

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