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7# Butt W/Qview

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There is a story behind this smoke. I had a dead battery last sunday and took it to Autozone to have my 2 month old battery checked. I was told the alternator wasn't putting out enough volts, around 13 or less under load. I told him I would have my shop confirm this.

So today I had an appontment with my favorite shop for 10 years Rio Rancho Imports a family owned bussiness. He is honest, and guarantees his work for 1 year. The altermator is only 2 years old. He also said that he works with a special program with Bauch not sure of the spelling, the manufacturer and he could get me a free alternator and all I would have to pay was the labor, whew, wiping off my brow.

So we got to chatting, and found out he is a smoker also. I told him about this site and how great it was. He has done mostly ribs and chicken. And before long the Tech came in with a written report. The altenator was fine, no problemo.

I asked him how much I owed him, he said, NADA.

I thought about that all day. With all the crooks out there he could't have charged me another $300.00 + and I was at HIS mercy, or at least a diagnostic charge. I know he paid the tech for .3 of an hour labor out of his pocket, because I heard him tell the girl that. I think his rate is at least $60.00 an hour.

So, on the way home I decided it was time for a payback. I stopped at Sam's and got 12 Kaiser buns, then at Krogers and picked up a 7 # butt.

I am going to deliver it hot and ready to pull for their lunch tomorrow, 7 people total with my ECBB smoked beans.

Anyway here is the start:

It was on sale but the label came off, $1.77a pound.

I rubbed it with pancake syrup, I ran out of Maple, and lemon pepper, garlic powder, and brown sugar. I was going to sear it and forgot, I was wondreing why it was so hot on the patio, the Weber was going for an hour STUPID.

I am also doing dry cured chicken thighs for me at the same time.

Anyway, thanks for watching, more to come.

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Good luck on the butt today (it's after midnight here)...
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Thanks, it is at 150' here, only 10' more and I'll wrap it and just leave it till morning in my MES at 190' maybe 200'?

If it stalls, I'll be sleeping, PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

Looking good for now though.
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Looks good Ron!!
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Looks great and I love the phloshopy; take care of those that take care of you.....
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Thanks, I feel that way also.

Well, I took it off at 160' and put into the pan with the drippings and back inito the MES at 190' foiled' I"ll take it out in the am . Here it is at 165'.

The beans are in there too.
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Great story. Glad it worked out for you. The people like your friend are few and far between. I am sure he is going to love his "reward" for doing the right thing. Let us know.
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Looking beautiful.

Great color...
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Thanks Ron, I think he will. He is not even a friend.


I will post the final pic when I get home. The site was down this AM when I opened the foil. The pan bent a little in the middle and the butt almost broke in half it was so tender.
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Final Pic

It was so tender when I lifted the flimsey foil pan it sort of bent in the middle and the butt broke in half.

There was also about 2" or more of drippngs.

I delivered it at noon and the guys were sort of busy and delayed lunch a bit. I brought 12 Kaisers, and a pan of beans.

I didn't pull it for him, so, I didn't see it pulled, but the bone just slid out.
I'll get a report tomorrow when I pick up my pyrex baking dish.

Thanks for watching, it was fun. I found out after I got started we were out of pulled pork, so I picked up another butt tonight and will do it soon.

Thanks, Ron
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That was aweful nice of the both of ya. Looks great they should of had a good lunch.
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Great looking butt roast!!

You are a wonderful person, and I mean that, it's people like you that make me feel that there's still hope for all of us as a society. You realised that someone could've taken advantage of you, but that they didn't, you return the favor. When you show up tomorrow with that butt and the fixin's for all the employee's you're going to be remembered for a long time. I was a mechanic back in the 80's and ealy 90's and when a customer returned a favor like you, they were never forgotten.

Good job, I mean it. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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Great stuff Ron..Good things will come back to you for doing for others..Giving some how has many more rewards than receiving.
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thank u

thank you bro for doin that, i have been in the buisness of auto repair my whole life tryin to fix the idea that we are all crooks, im an honest guy givin honest estimates, your the person i dream of taking care of, thank you from the entire industry
paddfoot at yahoo
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Thanks F B.

Thanks for the input Brian.

Well, I think so too and I agree. Too many gready people in this world.

Well, good luck to you, I know the owner paid the tech .3 hours for doing the diagnostics out of his pocket. When I called him last night about bringing the food, I asked him if he ever treated his employees to lunch, and he said he tried to do that once a week.

I think a lot of my thinking like this started here.


Interesting read on human behavior.

Thanks again you guys you almost brought a tear to my eye.
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Way to go Ron, pay it forward, My wife freaked over her brakes making noise a few months back and I took it to a local joint, he told me he could replace the pads and charge me but they were just fine and the W. TX dust had the sqeaking. I thanked him and will only use this shop form now on for brake work and I recommend him to everyone that is looking for brake work.
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Awhile back my Brakes were grinding really bad. My local guy couldn't get me in so I went a place called Just Brakes that heavily advertises $99 dolar break jobs. On the hoist they quoted me over $300 dollars. I said take it down and put the wheels back on. Then they tried to scare me about driving it in that condition will do more damage, I said I got here didn't I.

I drove home using the parking brake only. Next day my local guy did it for less than $ 200, I think using origianal Chrysler parts. lesson learned.
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I am sure he soon will be. Your a Good Man Charlie Brown.
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Thanks, I am going to get my pyrex dish. I should have a report later.
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Everything was reported as being great. He asked a few questions about the beans and ingredients ETC.

All in all they really enjoyed it, but then why wouldnt they. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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