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Company picnic help

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I have or I should say my smoker has been recruited with me along to cook at company picnic. Pot luck on the sides so all I need to worry about is the meat and sauces and condiments. I plan on butts, brisket, and dogs for the kids. Will be about 40 adults. I plan on doing the butts and brisket the day before and leaving foiled to put back on the smoker to warm up while I throw some dogs on the top rack. Is this the wrong approach?

I have a large double roaster that is electric and figure I can keep it filled with the butt and brisket even though it is large. How many lbs of butt and brisket?

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sounds like the right approach to me. I would do 2 packers and 2 butts if it was me.
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Rick, rule a thumb is a 1/4 pound a cooked meat per person. Now, that could be 10 pounds a cooked product fer the 40 folks. I did a ratio of 2/3rds pork ta 1/3rd brisket, however, the brisket was a huge success an I coulda used more. I think ta be safe, I would do bout 7 1/2 pounds a each allowin fer seconds an all. Allways better ta have to much then not enough. Couple nice 8 pounders a each should do ya fine.
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Welcome to the club. Check out the thread suggested by supervman. I'm in a similar situation.
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I would go 2 and 2 on th meat (anything leftover comes home with the cook and goes great in beans or enchiladas). Sounds like u have it all under control, keep us updated
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such a ditto here! for sure!!
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I'd max out the budget for the meat and send left overs home with the attendees.
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Lcruzen is right on. My #1 rule: NEVER RUN OUT OF FOOD. I did the July 4th Neighborhood party for 275 and it was success with left overs. Here's a link to a spreadsheet I created to help with the figuring. Since you're only 40pp, this is probably more figurin' than you need. But heck, here you go.

Good luck and have fun.
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