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Cut My Butt In Half?

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Hey Smokers! I just bought a 7 pound butt and did a quick calculation of 10.5 hours. Well, this is too long for me. Will I loose any flavor or tenderness if I cut it in half and smoke THEM for about 5 hours?
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Can you just up your temp?

250 on mine puts me around 1 hr/lb..........275 shorter yet. Butts can handle the heat.
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I don't think you can count on a 50% reduction in time just by slicing them in half. remember the time is just an estimate anyway. It could take an and hour 1.5 hours or longer per lb. There is no way to know if the meat will stall or not or for how long.
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I've had a little 3.5 pounder go for almost 9 hours, so ya just never know. As someone told me, the smaller ones seem to take just as long as the bigger ones.
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I'm with Fatback. Just up the temps a bit. I never go below 250 for a butt anymore.
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What he said
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Smoke 6 hours and foil with liquid and into a 200' oven if you are pulling. I am doing that right now.
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