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Am I in Heaven

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Think I have found heaven on earth. A place I can learn more about what I love to do. Cook on my grill/smoker and eat. icon_smile.gif
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welcome aboard,, you are ganna find all kinds of info on here to sake your cooking to the next level. feel free to ask any questions.
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welcome to smf!!! ck out the free ecourse, share a smoke with Qvue!!!
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You may change yer viewpoint after meeting a few of us...but as far as smoking goes...Nirvana at least :{) Welcome to SMF! Enjoy!
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Your in heaven and I'm in Hell. Well at least I have a lifetime supply of fire!eek.gif Welcome to SMF.
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If they aint smokin' in heaven then I aint goin'!!!
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welcome to the SMF and yeah for smoking you've found the right place. Enough info here for you to sit and read for quite some time.
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Simplicity can be devastating. Welcome to the SMF.
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Hey quack this is an unique forum. Loads of people here to help you rise to the top of smoking meat.
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Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you.
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It's very incendiary here... all ya wanna do is fire up the smoker and toss slabs of meat at it and wait with beer then eat to exhaustion!
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