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Budwieser BBQ Sauce

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Wife had a coupon for this sauce and brought home 2 bottles. I'll do a report on it when I ever get around to using it but has anyone else ever tried it? Cool lookin bottles.
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I saw it in the store last weekend and almost bought some. I'd like to know how it tastes.
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i have had some of these sauce .. i do not think you will be is very good has a nice taste to....but its not my favorite bbq sauce ...mine is head country made here in oklahoma....real second would probably be the budwiser ....
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Does it taste like beer? If it does, then its gotta be good!
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no it doesn't taste like beer..but i goota admit that could be my number 1 sauce....if i remenber it has chunks in it like onions and garlic and some seasoning kinda heavy in good just not my fav
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It would be nice to have a pic of the bottle...
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Here's a link with pictures of the bottles and an attempted explanation of the taste... LINK
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I'll be sure to include a pic when I do a review.
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PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif Guess I'm slow today PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Wonder how many empty 30 pacs I'd have to show them to get a free bottle icon_smile.gif
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I've had it, and if i can remember it wasn't bad. I think we got it on clearence at Walgreens last summer. It was pretty good stuff
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I saw these too. To those that have tried it, is it sweet or more of a spicy type sauce? I don't like really sweet sauces, KC Masterpiece is to sweet for me.
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I picked up the BBQ sauce tonight. The Budweiser label just kind of caught my eye since it seemed out of place. For $1.75, it's worth a shot.
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I have tried it and it's not bad, did it on some ribs while camping a month ago, my dad told me no more smoking meat , it tastes too darn good,I'll keep on smokin
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I wasn't very impressed. It was a very sweet sauce with any heat.

I keep going back to Famous Dave's for store bought.
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i'm from st louis mo and also tried this sauce, didn't really like it etiher
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I bought a bottle of their regular sauce. The other one was smokehouse or smoked and I never buy any sauce with "smoke" anywhere in the name because chemical smoke flavoring is nasty.

Anyway, it's a good sauce. It's chunky. Small chunks of onions which is a nice consistency. It's tangier than it is sweet which is a plus in my book. All in all it's not bad but, IMHO, just not memorable in any way. I'd much rather whip up a batch of my Kentucky Red sauce.
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