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Sucked in by the Twiggys!

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Hi All,

I joined these forums to ask questions about the construction of Steve's awesome "Twiggy" series of miniature smokers. I'm a BBQ novice with just a little bit of experience on an ECB. I'm as fascinated by the fabrication aspects of the smokers themselves as I am with the end product.

This seems like a great place to grow my knowledge!

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Welcome to SMF Batti! Lots of custom builds and builders here... here's a good thread on the physics/mechanics of some styles:

And here's the ongoing never-ending deal I am trying to wrap up:

Many others to check out. The UDS Ugly Drum Smoker is fantastically simple and incredibly efficient too:

Lots of other posts on this one as well...

Hmmm On Edit: Can't seem to find the build thread on the Twiggies...

Anyway Enjoy!
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Welcome to SMF, Stick around here and you'll be smoking like a pro before you know it!
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Welcome Randy.
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Welcome to SMF Randy. All the info you need is here
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Ah-looks like the SMF vortex caught another unsuspecting victim!! Welcome to the SMF family, Randy. You will learn a lot!!

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welcome to smf randy!!! ck ot the free e course. theres lotsa fabricating and modifications goin on here so this place give you lotsa info on both. share your smokes with us thru qview!!!
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Glad to have you with us at the SMF. Lots od members into custom built smokers, so you'll have some good feedback.
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Ahhh DOH! Thanks 1894 :{) PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Welcome to SMF Randy, You are going to love the people here and really love the BBQ!

Thanks for your interest in the twig burners! This place turns regular folks like us into passionate BBQers!!!

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A little late but Welcome to the forum
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