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Geoduck Clams

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It's pronounced Gooey Duck

I'm sorry, I just couldn't eat anything that looks like this.

tells you how to clean em but there's just something wrong with this.

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Me neither, yuk!
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I Say Nay, Nay


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Geoducks are very tasty clams. Just like the little clams, but a lot more meat to them. I have not gone digging for them myself, but I have some friends that do, including one that has mastered the method of digging them. Here's a pic of some of them from earlier this year:

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Bottom one looks REAL familiar to me but I can't quite figure out why. :)
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I LOVE clams, but, ummmmmmmmmmmm
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Ok this is a first but I am gonna DITTO myself
Supervman whats the motto if your from MO?
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BigWayne posted that?

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Ummmmmm, "Show Me State" ? :) LMAO
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See you all up there are so smart!!!! :)
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MR DUKS! and they look tasty! theres about 50 gallons worth of chowder there!mmmmmm tasty!
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sorry guys but those clams in the pic are horse clams here is a pic of a goeduck


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While I have never had one but have seen them on TV many times, I will try anything at least once. You never know they just might taste like chicken ( LOL) or taste good
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Yes, I knew that, but it was the first pic I found on the fishing site. That day, they only got the horsenecks. 4th of July they got both. Horsenecks are longer, but the Geoducks have more girth.

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good going guys....thanks for bringing this up....show the pics to my wife....now all she talks about is how "BIG" they are...confused.gifconfused.gifconfused.gifconfused.gifconfused.gifconfused.gif
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Well......I'm with the Vman. Somethin bout them things just dont look right.
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The first time I ever saw or heard of them was when I was 13 or so. A childhood friend introduced me to them. Couldn't beleive how big they were. What a conversation starter
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I saw a "Throwdown with Bobby Flay" that was a chowder throwdown. The guy on the show made a chowder with those, and some other clams in it. If I recall he really swore by them.
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I wonder if these things are behind the "happy as a clam" saying?
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and i agree with Dingle!!!!
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