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Brisket & Co.

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Well, I am doing my first brisket tonight. And since I'm in for a long day tomorrrow I thought I'd kill both birds with the same rock and do a pork shoulder too. Wasn't sure which forum to post this in but since theres more beef than pork I don't think I'll offend the beefeaters..

I injected the brisket around noon in it's kryo pak then let it sit in the juice till evening when I was ready for the rub.

(Sorry Beef guys)
For the pork I used the wifes (not so secret anymore) marinade.

1 cup Olive oil
1/2 cup Red wine viegar
1 tbl Garlic Powder
1 tsp sage
1 tsp Mustard powder
1/2 tsp Oregano
1 tbl Brown sugar
2 tbl Lawry's
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp Pepper
1cup Dark roast coffee grounds
1/2 cup apple juice
1/4 cup worcestershire

The pork shoulder marinaded for 48hrs. Then some rub.

All the meat was wrapped up into Saran Wrap for the evening and into the fridge they went.

In the morning (around 6am) I'll fire up the cooker at get things rolling.
With no plans for the day things should roll along smoothly. (I hope)
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Looks like a great start!!
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That marinade momma made sounds pretty dang good,Sounds like a good start on things.....Don't forget to give us a view...good luck and may the gods be with ya
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Yeah, what he said.

Gonna give this a shot.

Coffee is a great tenderizer.
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Good luck on the all day smoke! Both the brisket and shhhhhh (pork) :) look wonderful, I say you are gonna have a lot of yummy smoked meat in your very near future....keep us posted!!PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
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Up & at em this morning I pulled out the meat, er umm I mean, took the meat out of the fridge to bring it up to room temp. while heating up the smoker.

Soon the temps were in range and on went the roast & brisket.

Paired with a nice blue column of smoke...

Temps are holding nicely at 235deg.. I'm hoping this all should be done around 8 or 9.
I think this is gonna be a good day! smile.gif
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Looking good there DD, looks like things are off to a good start. Maintain that 235 and you should be done sooner then you think..good luck and looking forward to the Q-view
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Now thats my kind of day. Looks great have a great day.
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DD Can ya think of anything you'd rather be doing than smoking????? biggrin.gif Looks like ya are off to a great start, cant wait to the end and see it on a plate.... icon_smile.gif I wished I was off today so I could be smikin something..
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3/12 hrs in and the pork shoulder is arleady hitting 124deg.
Cooker temp is still holding well at 235. This is starting to look tastey.

and the smoke continues to flow nicely.

wife's naggin me a little for posting her double top secret marinade recipe but you'll have that now and then. rolleyes.gif
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That meat is looking real nice! Can't wait to see the end result.
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Meats are moving right along with the pork shoulder climbing to 164 and the brisket holding stable at 155ish. Looks like it'll be a spell on the brisket as I expected. It's all smelling mighty fine though. smile.gif

Edit: Wow!! I take it back on the brisket. After temps came to 170 on the shoulder and I got it foiled I stuck the digi-probe into the brisket and it was climbing to 164. Recon it won't be long til foil on this one too.

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Well after a long day this finally came to an end. It wasn't too bad for my first brisket and it tastes fantastic.

The pork shoulder was not really what I would have chosen but it came out pretty well also

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Nice job there buddy. It aint as easy as ya might have thought eh? Looks like ya pushed through it in great shape though! Glad to see ya givin that charcoal smoker a workout!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Yessir Mr Danger, very nice results!
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To be honest I was suprized at how little was left after it was finished. The kids'l wipe this out in no time...eek.gif
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