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Has anyone ever used persimmon wood for smoke. I have hundreds of these trees on my property. Some bear tons of fruit, while others bear none. I guess those that don't are pollinators. Anybody with any experience ? If so, would it matter if I used fruit bearing trees, or not?
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lee -

i've never used it myself due to the fact that it simply isn't available here, but i have it on good authority from a floridian pitmaster that this persimmon is the cat's meow for smoking.

if you want to send a batch of chips or sawdust up to montana for testing, i will be sure to post results!
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Sorry that it took so long to reply, but if you pm me and give me an address, I'll try to get around and send ya some chunks( at least enough to do one smoke)
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Leebo while I have not used it to smoke with I do know that the male trees do not bear fruit. I have a few on my property but they are to valuable as a draw for the deer for me to cut them. I would have to give them a try if I had that many tho
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