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just starting out

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I have tried smoking before but I wasn't very good at it. I have since gotten a new smoker. It is a char/grille pro with the side fire box. I've used it as a grille and love it. now I am ready to try my hand at smoking with it.I think this time will be different. With the e course and maybe a little help along the way I feel I can do it. I'am also going to try to cook with a ducth oven. Any suggestions on my first attemp at smoking?
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Welcome to SMF. You will find the answer here to any smoking question you may have. Glad to have you aboard.
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Having just done my first smoke a little over a week ago and then a second a few days after that, just follow the advice on here and you can't go wrong. The sticky on pulled pork really sums it up(assuming you start with say a butt). I would advise on using a rub and the finishing sauce. Other than that just do your best to maintain a good temp on the smoker and have plenty of time and patience. It is actually very simple as long as you follow the instructions the fine folks on here have provided. I have only done a pork shoulder and butt, which are supposed to be very forgiving, but they turned out great and I already have friends asking me to do some smoking for our next get together.

Just have fun with it. And don't forget the qview!
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Welcome. Exactly whatGA84GW said.
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Welcome to the SMF. Start with a Boston Butt for pulled pork. It is pretty forgiving. Just remember it is all about temperature. Don't just trust the one that came with the smoker. If you have any questions, you have the best resource in the world with the SMF!

Enjoy and don't forget the Q-View!
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Welcome to SMF. Look around there is a bunch of good info here and lots of friendly folk. Any questions you have ask away. Also come on by the chatroom and say hi.
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Howdy..... Welcome. Keep in mind I'm new to smoking myself. I say think about what you want to eat then find a good recipe and then go for it!!

There is no better motivator for creativity and fun than your own appetite. If you like ribs, do some ribs, You feel like a Brisket smoke a brisket. You want some pulled pork, go for some pulled pork... What do you want to smoke?

Think about what you are doing but above all have fun and don't put any pressure on yourself so that it has to turn out.

You sound like you have good amount of grill experience. I have found smoking is kinda like a very, very slow grill. Use a thermometer but use your own head. Think about what's going on, keep a smoking log so you will know what you did later. There is a lot of room for mistakes, just learn from them and you'll be fine.

Happy smokes....
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Bubba u can do it.....With the help of all the fine folks here,U will be well on ur way to smokin for everyone u know....Welcome to SMF and enjoy
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Greetings Macrib!
I echo everyone, get a good thermo, have fun, smoke to temp not to time!
Also, look at the mods that have been made to that smoker, I have the same one, the most valuable mod I did was adding the charcoal basket...mine is cheesey hand made out of chicken wire...but what a huge difference.....
Here is one thread for a good example posted by mossymo

Happy smokes!
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