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Finally, the perfect size brisket

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Im always having to fold them and contort them to fit in my smoker. I know youve seen me do em in rib racks. Finally this one fits right in there. I got a four hour mix of oak, hickory and cherry blowing. Put it on at 6 pm. By 8am ill pull it out and take it to work for the scavangers( I dont mind cause I took the brisket from work. You know again I advocate smoking on someone elses tab. Its just that i have a disease now.
Seeing as this IS the electric smoker forum let me take a minute to sing the praises of set it and forget it. Sure I wont get a ring but, ima get some sleep and thats nice too.

Ill qview the end result tommorow morning when im drinking coffee.
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Ya know william, I have the wood burner and an electric.That electric does a darn good job and simple to use if you have alot of chores to do. Nice lookin brisket by the way. Make sure to snap a few before delivery.
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Brisket looks good! There's nothing wrong with electric as long as it gets the job done. I'm partial to propane for the same reason. Keep on smokin'icon_exclaim.gif
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Fined at 7:30 this morning @185. Lost a little crust when I flipped it off the rack, nothing suffers but the picture, I got a taste at 7:30.
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Looks great, terrific color.
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Looks great WZ.
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Yummm... I'd love me some brisket! Nice WZ~ even if it was wattsmoked ;{)
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Tasty lookin' brisket you got there. I am tempted to get an electric sometimes so that I can smoke during the week, or when I gotta do other stuff and can't tend the fire.
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nice job, I am having a hard time gettin a brisket around here, I went to walmart they had a flat,, it was 40.00.

went to kroger and was told that they did not have nor could they get me a packer brisket.

but nice lookin brisket ya got there,, sorry about the rant
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