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Been a while spare ribs

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Hi peeps
Been quite a while since I smoked anything and was able to get one done monday. Just two racks of my own rub with pecan and apple for the wood and aj spritzer. Would have preferred just pecan but I didn't have enough icon_rolleyes.gif and the store didn't have any. This was a five an half hour smoke with temps @ 250 spritzing about every hour. Usually I'll sauce the last hour or so. This time I left them naked for a change and let the fam decide to sauce or not. They were fall off the bone tender and juicy. Which is fine but I like a little tug if ya know what I mean.
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Oh la la!

Beautious ribs! YUM YUM YUMMY!
And I just finished my lunch but would love to have one of them ribbies!! My princess loves those noodles...she'd eat em' for breakie if I let...ok so sometimes I let her....

PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif glad you found some time to come back and smoke!
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Great looking ribs BlackLab - looks like a very tasty meal was to be had!
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They sure look mighty fine!!
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Them'r two great looking slabs of deliciousness. Great job!
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Good job on the ribs! I too like mine a little toothsome but I won't turn down more tender ones.
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Mouthwatering grub ya got there... And yes, those noodles look great too !
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looks good dude!
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Great looking ribs
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A couple fine slabs icon_smile.gif.
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Fine looking ribs there brother got my mouth water'n nice job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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