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Meat sticking to Porcelain Cooking Grates

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I bought a new stainless grill at wally world. It has two infered burners one on the back of the grill and one they call a searing burner. I spray pam on before I grill but the meat stills sticks any Idea why and what else can I use.
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Use vegetable oil. Pour a small amount into a shallow container and use an old wash cloth or even a paper towel. Dip it into there and then rub the oil onto the grill. This should work.

That's what we did when I used to cook at Texas Roadhouse years ago.

Pam/cooking spray usually burns up during the cooking process. Even the "grilling" one they make.

Let me know if this works.
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What kind of grill brush can I use I think a wire brush would scratch the finish.
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Try letting your grates heat up first. Mine I have to or my meat sticks. Plus I oil them also after they are warmed to.
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I let mine heat up too, then spray. I just use a regular grill brush on it.
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A good STIFF nylon brush works well. I get some at hardware stores that look like "fingernail brushes" and they are great but the grate MUST be cooled down first or the stuff melts! They're cheap too.
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Ditto! icon_smile.gif
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Ditto on the oil, sprays burn off too fast. Wipe oil on the grates and be sure they are hot before you put the meat on. A common error is to not have the grates at cooking temp first. Stuff will stick to anything (porcelain, cast, or stainless) on a high temp grill if it's not hot first.
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Hot grill /cold meat .Dont try to turn your stuff too soon . It will lift.Oil the grill first.
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I use the Weber grilling spray. Its flame resistant and it seems to work great.......Use a scrub pad or stainless steel brush .....................
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Also when I didn't allow my grill to warm up I had troubles holding temps also. Meat didn't cook as well. So warming up greats works to fold.
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I make sure the grill is hot, but usually rub some evoo directly on any meat I'm cooking first, both sides. Keeps it from sticking. A good spray of PAM directly on the food works well too, especially on hotdog and hamburger rolls. Breads don't stick much at all after a quick spray of butter flavored PAM.

Easier than trying to lube up the whole grill biggrin.gif.
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Thanks for the input everyone I think my question has been answered.
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