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Sealing a Smoker

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Hi folks. I'm building my own custom BBQ grill/smoker, and I plan to use the Stoker to monitor and maintain the temperature inside the smoke chamber, but I need to try to ensure that my smoker is airtight. I've seen high temperature gasket cement like Rutland Hi-Temp Stove & Gasket Cement, but I wanted to hear from actual experience and advise that other folks have.

Thanks in advance!!!
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try a search on sealant rope or something like that. look at the mods that some have done... they say in the posts... welcome, lots of stuff here
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Well one nice thing is that we plan on running a trial run before painting to see if the primary leaks are gone. Since we're building this from 1/8" carbon steel, we plan to weld every seam first, and then we will look for any additional leaks (like where the doors close). It's these leaks that I'm concerned about.
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