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Heat in the NE

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Ran across a stand in the Syracuse farmers market a couple of weeks ago. They carry some stuff that both tastes good AND will make your bald spot sweat biggrin.gif
Must be just starting on the web cause their site is slow wink.gif
Didn't find it on their site , but they also make a product called " Slammin' Sauce " Starts off sweet and then the Red Savina peppers kick in biggrin.gif Great taste and heat without a strong vinegar punch.
Seems like a near local place ( half hour drive north for Dinggle and Skinsfan75 ) That you all may want to try.

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Just a bump , Interesting stuff they got.wink.gif
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Just got an E-mail back from them , they've been busy but ....

I may try to stop by there , May feel like the "chilli judge " but it's not too far from home.
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