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Sweet rib sauce

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Tony Romas BBQ joint has a sauce Carolina Honey for its ribs. I was wondering if anyone has a recipe that is similiar to this one.
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You can buy that Toma Roma's sauce at grocery stores...

Or you can get it here too:
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I don't, but you might try this link:
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Here is a place that has all sorts of good looking sauces. I think it has some Tony Roma ones on it.

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I modified Jeffs sauce the other day. Added some some honey and backed out some pepper. Came out real nice.
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I simply take a store brand sauce and mix in a bit of honey & BBQ rub. Sometimes I'll also add a bit of cider vinegar, when I'm in the mood for a little more twangy sauce.

I tried making my own sauce before. After spending about $20, I ended up with about a half gallon and didn't care for it very much. I've had some GREAT homemade sauces, but I'm one of those folks that prefers to take a sauce and doctor it up a bit.
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In the restaurant I used Open Pit BBQ Sauce and added brown sugar and pineapple pieces with the juice.
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Thank you folks. Going to smoke some ribs soon to try out.
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