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Speed Brisket

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Well I found a nice brisket at wallyworld on friday night, It weighed 12.72 pounds and cost $1.72 per pound so it came to $21.88. I planned on a sunday smoke, so called a couple friends to see if they wanted to throw anything on since I was fireing it up. So they ended up bringing 2 doz, Brats, 3 salmon filets, a 3 # fatty and some turkey cutlets which I turned into dog snacks, plus I also cut up 3.5 pounds of venison for jerky. It was the first time using the cold smoke side and it took quite a bit more time than I am used to doin jerky and is abit too smokey. And the way the deer was processed ( not by me ), the only way to get a decent slice was to cut it with the grain of the meat and I don't care much for it that way. The brisket only stayed in the smoker about 5 hours in a pan till it reached 165* and then foiled and placed in a 250* oven for maybe 3 hours till it hit 195* and off to the cooler. I put it in the smoker at 9 am and by 9:15 pm it was all pulled. The smoker ran pretty much 225 the whole time So I just took pics of the brisket before foiling and after pulling. I also ended up with 6 pound of nice meat and nearly 6 cups of defatted drippings for au jus.

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That brisket looks amazing. Excellent!
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That is a beautiful brisket.
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Great job and helping out the neighbors to boot PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Good work, W C.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Way to go WC, Good to see something from ya. I wanna see a pic of the 3.5 lb fatty!wink.gif
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Excellent smoke! I hope mine goes as well next weekend.
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Looks great Lee PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks excellent.......U had a party and didnt invite us....sup with that?......jk.....good job....wtg
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It was a 3 pounder dan. I didn't build it, just offered advice on the how to's. the jerkey was 3.5 pounds of sliced, I ended up giving it all so my son in law cause it was way to smokey. It was the first time using the cold smoke box on my smoker and them strips of venison got smoke for a good five hours.
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Thank you everyone for the compliments. It was a good day and that brisket does taste as good as it looks.
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that brisket looks yummy, if ya don't mind what did you put on her if anything?
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Hi kelly,
I just put rub on the lean side, then did a quick sear on the fat cap side before adding rub to that. Then just placed in a pan ( which I have never done before ) it still got a good smoke to it. And just spritzed with plain ol apple juice. every 45 mins or so, What you had left of yours that I seen in the post you sent looked great also by the way.
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Apple juice does have "all the right stuff" doesn't it??
Yummy! the little we did have left we made tacos out of tonight! Brisket the smoke that just keeps giving!
I am glad yours turned out so well, I was not used to doing one in the foil pan either but yum, yum on the drippings, grease and all!
Happy, Happy smokes WC!!
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Nice smoke WC. Looks awesome.
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Great looking brisket!! Looks like you're dialed in perfectly. smile.gif

I had the same brisket from wally world, almost to the exact size and price, but being a newbie, I left mine on the smoker for 13 hours trying to get it to 190° and should've mopped it more than I did. Next time I'm going to do what you did and finish it in the oven.
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great looking brisket you got there.

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Looks great WC. I saw those briskets at the WW in Howell. I did butts over the weekend but shoulda pick one up anyway.
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Yeah, you don't see them very often. I wish I would of bought the chicken leg quarters 10 lbs. for 4.96
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