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Time for some spares

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They had some decent deals on butts and spares at my local IGA today, so I picked up some wood, meat and spices. got my spares resting soaking up the rub right now, waiting for this thunder to go away. I'll give you a peek at one of my experimental rubs:

(disclaimer: I dont measure anything, just eyeball it)
-equal amounts dark and light brown sugar, maybe equaling a cup or so
-fresh ground black pepper
-cayenne pepper
-a smidgen of chili powder
-ground coriander for a slight hint of citrus
-cumin (love that earthy taste)

got probably 1-2 pounds of hickory chips soaking in the bucket right now, gonna fire up my trusty Char-Broil masterflame 700 in a bit.

the target temperature is about 225 and i'll pull the ribs when they hit about 155-160 and let them coast under a foil tent for an hour or so. I know the "done" int. temp is ~165*, but if you let them rest under a sheet of foil, they will continue to rise and retain all their yummy juicyness in the same shot. last time I did it this way, they had just the right amount of bite. they would fall right off the bone, but one bite would darn near pull the whole side of meat off. we'll see what happens on this go-round.

quick question for the rib experts, do you turn your ribs from meatside up to meatside down, or just leave them meatside up? last time I did ribs I rolled them over every 2 hours or so, and they came out great with a nice bark on the top.
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Sounds good! Don't forget the Qview. I don't bother to turn ribs. Just let them go until done. Never had a problem with bark.
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Sounds great.

As for turning meat, I have meat side up through the whole process.

PS enjoy your smoke.
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just a quick update, the ribs got a basting with my sweet and spicy sauce a the 3 hour mark ( around 8:00 ). Int. temp is around 130-140 in the larger rack. the grill doesnt really wanna go lower than 245-250* but I've got it deflected to go up and around. its around 230 where the racks are at. there will be Q-view, but after they are done.
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Aint nothi wrong with 250 for ribs.wink.gif
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time for some q-view. the sun was bearing down on the grill pretty bad, making for some annoying temp spikes, but I just popped the lid a few times to bring the temp back down. they came out a little dry, but still moist and yummy in the thicker parts.

here we go:
all rubbed up and ready to go

sittin on the trusty ol' masterflame 700

3 hours in, just basted them with the sweet&spicy sauce I modified from a recipe on here

and the finished product

wiped 'em down again with the sauce, they came out purty good. I'm gonna try to 3-2-1 method next to see if its any better
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Looks like a great smoke from here.
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