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London Broil

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I'm gonna smoke a london broil this weekend. I've got a great marinade recipe so thats no problem.

Once question...What temp?

I want to try to cook it medium to satisfy all parties. The marinade I sue tenderizes so well I can cook it well and it'll still be excellent.
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Keep yer temps around 225-250. Pull meat at 140°-145° internal and let rest 15 min. before serving.

I would keep a pan under the meat to catch drippings and make a pan gravy for topping as well.
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He says he double wrapped it and put it in the cooler? Like an igloo cooler?
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yep, an igloo cooler. Don't ask me why, I'm too new to know.
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Hmmm OK... I'm confused now. Seems a "broil" is a thin cut? thinner than a roast right? The rest period should not need a cooler...but a wrap would be good. I need to look up exactly wht a London broil is I see...
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You can get a London Broil up to 2" thick I believe. Which is what I would need to feed 8 people.

The marinade I have I use for grilling so I'll assume I can use it for smoking.

Could I wrap it in foil and just toss it in the oven with no heat?
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The cooler is mainly for keeping it hot. A wrapped rest period is all I'd think you'd need for that small a cut. Toss a towel over it if ya like... unless you finish early...a cooler will keep it hot for quite a while.
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I'll likely just todd it in a foil lined deep dish baking pan and cover it with foil. I'm generally pretty good with timing.
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No more than 135º in my book. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

Meat Temperature Chart

Rare 120-125
Medium-rare 130-135
Medium 140-145
Medium-well 150-155
Well done 160 and above
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London broil is generally a flank steak or a top round steak. Out here, both are labled London Broil. They are typically thinnner steaks.

As for the foil and the cooler, you can single wrap them in heavy duty foil as well and not even bother with the cooler if you're going to eat it around the time you're done smoking. I have done that as well. I like to let the juices redistribute and it stays hot in the cooler. I got these done a little over an hour before dinner which I prefer.

Like Flash said, you can smoke it to 135 if you like it rarer. Just don't smoke it too much or it will be over done and dry.

Here's another thread where I did a LB slightly different. These two threads were the first two I ever tried.

If you want to do another great steak, try and find a Flat Iron which looks very similar but I have not smoked one yet, only grilled it. I foiled that off the grill and let it rest for 15 minutes and it was surprising how much juice was in the foil which we used. You can see from the slicing how much was still in the meat itself.:
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