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New from Florida

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Just checkin in to say hi.

New to smoking. Only ever smoked chicken. Once. It was awesome.

I've got one of the new Perfect Flame gas smokers. It's nice. I need to find a better cover for it rather than the crappy one Lowes offers.
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Welcome to the forum.
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welcome to the smf.
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Welcome! Brandon, Fl here.
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I'm in Ft. Myers
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Welcome! Good to have another Floridian on board, you'll see that there's quite a few of us on here. This is a great site with lots of great advice.
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Welcome from another Floridian..Glad you joined. If you need to know just ask and someone will have the answer..Good folk here..If you haven't already check out the free 5-Day eCourse. Good basic info and a good place to start
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Welcome to SMF. Hang around and learn to really get into smoking. Lots to learn from here.
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Welcome to the site! Good to have another Florida smoker here!
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Welcome to the forum! You're going to like it here. Lots to learn and lots of great ideas. Just wait till ya read about "fatties" or ABTs, you'll be hooked too. Nice to have another Floridian.
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I'm gonna have lots of questions. I already do. Right now my quaundry is serving a stuffed pork tenderloin or a london broil this weekend. I may be serving a party of 8. Folks are coming into town.

2 tenderloins or 1 london broil should do the trick?

If I do tenderloins i'd like to stuff them. Each tenderloin stuffed with something different.
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Welcome Cthomp.
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LB are great in the smoker, but I would keep those tenderloins on the grill. Loins on the smoker.

Welcome to another Floridian. We're really getting a crew on here.
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Welcome Cthomp! The Florida gang might rival the Iowa clan soon!
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Welcome to another fellow florida guyconfused.gif wait , hold on , ... sorry , I'm in kinda caught up in the thread......
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Welcome Cthomp!
I see a Florida VS Iowa internet bbq comp coming up!!! biggrin.gif
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We need to recruit here on the left coast Goddess !!!
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I am trying!
I can't find anyone as crazy as I am to smoke all night! everyone says why should I? you always do it, then feed us!!
Hey Aug 30 we are planning a big shindig at California Speedway...come on down! PM me if you want the info....
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