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Butt, Beans And Kielbasa

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well it has been a over a week since we have smoked anything so we decided to do a little today, wife found a 5.5 lb. butt at food lion for a good price, so she picked it up. We are gonna have 2 guests tonite that we know of ( probably 2 more when my neighbors get a whiff, ( they have a funny way of showing up when they smell the smoke ).

Got the butt on now, rubbed it with mustard and got jeffs rub on it.

Got some beans:

2 large bushs
about 1/2 pound bacon
1large vidalia
1 large green pepper, (sauted onion and pepper in bacon grease)
1/4 pound brown sugar
1/2 of a kielbasa
sprinkled jeffs rub on top

gonna throw on 1 and a half kielbasa later on.

I'll have some more pics in a while.
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That butt looks real nice. Beans look good too. Keep up the good work.
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butts at 149, had the beans in for about 2 hours, figure I'll just leave em in till its all done.

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Looks great Krusher, Too bad I'm not a closer neighbor or you would have two more for dinner..LOL
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its all over now but the full tummys, here is a pic of the spread.

thanks for checkin out my q-view
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Man, I love Kilbasa/sausage. That food looks great!!
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Everything looks good.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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