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Beef cuts

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I am having an 800lber beef butchered in a couple of weeks. I am having T-bones and ribeyes cut out of it, are there any other good cuts I should ask for? I am going to get the brisket saved out of it also. Thanks for any advice in advance..
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A beef is what a beef is. The cuts it was born with are what you will get. Your processor should be able to help you with certain points, i.e. size of roasts, thickness of some steaks, number of steaks to a package, pounds of burger. You will also be getting some sirloin steaks, round steak, chuck, plate and shoulder roasts (pot roasts), rump roasts. If you like tri tip, you might be able to get that cut out, as well as flank steak. Some of this will end up as burger otherwise. You will want to tell them if you want soup bone, short ribs, and stew meat. You will also have to tell them if you want any of your round steak cubed. Also let them know how lean you want your burger to be.
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He should give you a list of cuts. Roasts like chuck roasts can be sliced into steaks or grind it into hamburger. It's your choice. I would definitely get the chuck roast. I get all the major steaks, and most of the roasts, but do grind a few into burger, though which I can't remember right off, and the list is at home.

I need to get the brisket out of ours one day, but I always split that the cow and it's kinda hard to split up the middle I think. Maybe I'll offer to cook it for both families next year.
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You can always "ask the meat man"

Neat website I stumbled on some time ago.

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in a nutshell!!!!!
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Brother to the chuck is the best steak there is, A chuck a little tougher but they got " I think" the best flavor. Also your going to have sirloin's they are leaner but they are a great steak also. You will be getting rounds, there's nothing wrong with them you will get a bunch of steaks there also. With fall and winter just around the corner you will be getting all them roast. Don't forget the ribs, and hamburger.

Hope you got enough room in your freezer for all this meat PDT_Armataz_01_15.gif
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