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So you smoke your meat and then make it into sausages ?
Do you cook the sausages after or dry them or what ?

No, I make the sausages out of fresh ingredients, such as polish sausage out of pork, summer sausage out of 80/20 burger, pepperoni out of 20% beef and 80% pork, etc. Then I smoke and cook them. I want to try drying the pepperoni but haven't figured out how to yet.
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The time honored way is hang it Pops... make 2 link runs, and string a line or something in a cool dry place and let it hang for a couple weeks. Of's cured- so no worries.
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There as still a lot of things to worry about. Where you hang them has to be cool enough and humid enough not to cause the outside to dry faster than the inside (case hardening). If this happens, your meat will get rancid on the inside. Also, you have to worry about mold (the bad kind green or hairy, not the good white powdery kind) forming on the outside of the casing. Eat the wrong mold and you are in for trouble.
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Well, I guess you must also use common sense too, forgot to mention that. Keep yer eye on it. I find my basement to be ideal.
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Here in Tx. lately wouldn't be too good.. it's 130 in the garage and humid, getting a lot of upsurge from the gulf aka Gustav, will have to wait until winter when it gets down to 60, lol!

Just ordered a messload of seasonings from Butcher Packer. Also asked them about a stuffing tube for the 15lb. Northern Tool for 3/8" for sheep casings. They have two choices, Enterprise and F. Dick and the F. Dick has the 2" wide bell on the bottom that would fit the N.Tool; it's 19.99. Plus, it's in stock too. You can get a replacement ring from LEM, but not often in stock. Anyone know of anywhere else you can get parts?
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Northern Tool 15lb. Stuffer Parts

I wrote to Northern Tool about parts for the 15lb. stuffer, and got this nice reply! Good to know that they will service what they sell!


Thank you for the email. Parts can be purchased through our parts department at 800-270-0810. For security reasons, we do not accept parts order by email.

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

Thank you for using Northern Tool. com's customer care.

********When responding, please include all correspondence along with your response.********

Northern Tool + Equipment
Ecommerce customer contact

Thanks, Bev! biggrin.gif
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Darn, to slow. Just checked their website and not on sale anymore.PDT_Armataz_01_16.gif
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Hey pops whats the idem number for the one on sale, its either off sale or I cant find it, but sometimes if you call witht the right idem number they still give you sale price, thanks.

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I did 10 lbs. of summer sausage last week for my son's birthday, and there was still room for more. Don't know if it'd do the full 15, but at least 13 I'd say. I used 2 - 5lb. rolls of g. Chuck, but when you add in the water and seasonings it probably swelled to 11lbs or greater. Enjoy it! If you want a 3/8" tube for sheep casings (like for little link sausages) you can order one from Butcher Packer, get the 3/8" plastic stuffing tube for the F. Dick stuffer.
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i already use butcher paker.

thanks for the replyicon_smile.gif
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Got a new supplement sale catalog from Northern Tool and they list the 15 lb stuffer as a 'Power Buy' @ $199.99, reg, price @ $249.99 - so they have raised the price by $50. The good news is that the sale price is good until 10/31, so if you're thinking of getting one, now's a great time!
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