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15lb. Northern Industrial Stuffer Arrived!

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The S/S 15lb. stuffer arrived.. just in time, too - making beef hot links for this weekend's project. The stuffer is excellent - I was doubtful when I ordered it because of the low price, but it's as good as any I used at work in chain stores. My photog skills aren't that good but hopefully you'll get the gist of it! The gears and structure are definitely well built and heavy. I'm sure it's the same as the LEM and many others, just a different sticker on the front.
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Northern Tool has it on sale for $169.99 - I ordered one, took about 10 days for it to get here. Stuffed 5 lbs. of beef into 32mm casing seasoned for hot beef links (a combination of summer sausage and pepperoni seasonings with some hot sauce tossed in too). The small ball is what didn't go into casings, a minimal amount (of course got cooked too!). Into the Cabela and the finished product (already half gone, burp!)
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My Helpers

Of course, couldn't have made it without help... standing up is Kipper, our son's dog we're taking care of for a week while they're on a cruise, and laying down (as usual) is PJ, our floppy-eared black lab who is stuffed like a sausage! She just loves helping and sampling!
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That's pretty cool- One day, I hope to take on sausage making, but to tell you the truth, the whole process intimidates me a bit. I'd like to make smoked sausages like landjaegers or salami.
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Yesterday I wished I'd have gotten the 15# instead of the 5#. I stuffed 18# of German Sausage, and it would have been nice to only load the stuffer twice instead of the numerous times it took with the small stuffer.

Not complaining, (much). Ha!

Nice looking results, and good helpers.
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The left-over amount is nice and small! One gripe I have about my OLD Enterprise is I'm left with about an LB in the bottom. I have minimized this by tossing in a ball of saran wrap on top as a "spacer". A PITA tho... nice stuffer for the price, Pops!
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I shouldn't read these sasusage threads ...... i'm getting the urge to try this. Really haven't found much yet to rival a good ol british banger.
Told the wife that i'd like to try making sausage sometime and she said you ain't doing that in the kitchen. Hmmm, we do have part of the basement not being used biggrin.gif . Would need a bit of work tho.

Anyways .... nice looking stuffer you have there pops.
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That's a good looking stuffer you got there brother icon_exclaim.gif great looking q-view also PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Basically, I just divvied up my total seasoning into half summer sausage and half pepperoni with 1 tsp. hot sauce and 1/4 tsp. pepper flakes -
For a 5lb. tube of Ground Chuck, it comes out to:

272 g. water
51 g, summer sausage seasoning (Butcher/Packer)
51 g. pepperoni seasoning - ditto
6 g. DQ cure

You can add in as much hot as you want; the wife likes it mild.
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I ordered the same stuffer from Northern Tool yesterday but the price was 199.99 still a good price but wish I had caught it at 169. I'm looking forward to doing some sausage with this instead of using my grinder for stuffing. When I get ready I'm sure I'll have lots of questions biggrin.gif
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Jer, the stuffer is sooo far superior to a grinder/stuffer... SOOO far...! Enjoy man!
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Yea Ken I been bit by the bug wanting to make venison sausage is what got me into all this mess called smoking biggrin.gif Now if you'd just come build my smoke house I'd be close to being ready to learn how to do it biggrin.gif

Pops sorry for the hijack
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Stuffer Queston

No problem at all!

Got a question tho... when you store your stuffer, do you leave the piston w/ring in the chamber or leave it out?
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Looks great! I would love to give sausage making a try one day. Need to find someone around here that could give me a demo.
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Good question Pops hopefully someone will chime in and let us know mine still isn't here yet but is on its way.
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Yeah the commercial sausage available in england is so darn awful that it's pretty much killed the average brits taste buds.
For those fortunate enough to have never eaten a traditional british banger. It's essentially 60% 'meat', with the rest consisting of rusk, water and stabilisers. The main and practically only seasoning is huge amounts of salt. fat content (which comes from the 60% 'pork' content) is around the 25-30% mark.
Afer making and eating your own sausage teeotee - you'll never touch another banger as long as you live - which without eating such things ought to be many years longer ;-)

I have yet to make any sausages that don't blow the commercial ones right out of the frying pan.
However like everything in the uk it's an expensive hobby. I paid the equivalent in pounds for my 5 lb stuffer that pops6927 paid for his 15lb in dollars.
But a proper stuffer is so worth it you just have to have one.

Looks like you are using collagen cases though pops ?
Is that preference or cost or you just don't want the preparation that goes into using natural casing ?
I have to admit I tried the collagen ones once and have used natural casings ever since lol
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No, never used them, wondered how they compared to natural casings. Have always used pork and sheep casing for all sausages. Are they better than natural and in what ways?
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How's the new stuffer worken brother ?
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Super! Had to find a place to store it out of sight (wife doesn't want her kitchen to look like a meat room... I think it's excellent decoration myself.. but...) so I got it stored in an upper cabinet in the hallway (ok'd by her). So now it's not just a stuffer, it's an exercise machine putting it up there and getting it down... I got dumbbells light'rn that!
No money this weekend, but payday's this comin' Fri so hope to get some butts to smoke and grind - need to refill the freezer with sweet and hot sausage and want to make some more hot links or just summer sausage.
Wife wants me to look into starting my own commercial sausage shop, but it'd have to be USDA inspected and that costs big bucks. Too bad you couldn't just buy a 6' x 8' pull behind trailer that's outfitted to be compliant to all meat inspection rules, hook up electric, water and sewer and be in business! Come home from work, go out to the trailer, do a couple hundred pounds of sausage, sell it to a local market that night and stop and pick up dinner with the profits! I think the smoke's getting to me now.....
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Yeah same over here. I'd love to go commercial on the sausage making and smoking front - but the regulations kill you. You know you're hygienic, after all you've never poisoned anyone - but the sodding bureacrats just don't have any common sense. I'm seriously considering renting a commercial unit next year as it would be much easier to get up to regs than my kitchen.

So you smoke your meat and then make it into sausages ?
Do you cook the sausages after or dry them or what ?

As for collagen casings. Well they are hassle free. you just stick a tube on the stuffer tube, wet it down (yeah yeah some do some don't) and stuff away. BUT they are much weaker than natural and have absolutely no give in them at all. Bursting due to too much twisting of links is common. personally I prefer sheep and pork casings. But you have to try these things :-)
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