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Beef Back Ribs, Red Corn, and Baked Smoked Beans W/Qview

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Well, I took out from the freezer about 1 1/2 slabs that I stole a couple of weeks ago.

I rubbed them with maple syrup, garlic powder, and lemon pepper.

On to the UGLY Red Corn.

Then some ugly red corn, thanks Dude I think, for the tutorial. I ususally do it the same way except for tying them, cleaned buttered and tied, makes sense.

The next is my smoked baked beans ECBB, short for el cheapo baked beans. Basic Van De Camps pork and beans drained, added sauteed onions, with KC Masterpiece, and Lone Star Homade BBQ sauce with meat added, and a handful of Brown sugar.

I was going to do BBQBUBBA's version, but I don't have 8 hours, and Flashes Idea 4 hours, maybe somewhere in between.

I have a mesquite briquette and Hickory chunk at 220'.

It is thundering here, so wish me luck!

As always thanks for watching!!
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looking forward to the final deal. I usually use around 250º @ 4 1/2 hours. I like my beefies around the med-rare range. hope they came out great. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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lookin forward to finaly ron!!!! whats red corn, ugly at that??? be watchin for more on this ron.
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Just took the Red Corn off. Tasted it off the smoker thumbs down, I got ripped big time. I have grown Peaches and Cream varitey and it is the best.

Not worth the money. I have had better frozen.

While I had the door open I spritzed it with apple juice and triple sec.

Flash, me too, thanks for the heads up.

Keep ya posted.

Thanks for watching everyone!!
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your welcome Ron.........yeah that was mine. BUTT.......what do you mean by ugly RED corn?
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never mind..........yeah that DOES look nasty..........the rest looks great tho........yeah...........if I can't get a big yellow ear of corn, p&c is next best!
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Looks good Ron but think I'll pass on the corn too
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Looks good, I have never heard of red corn, is that the same thing as Indian Corn?
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Not seen red corn as well but sounds interesting. Only think we get around here is white or yellow corn. This time of year is great for MD corn. Sorry about the bad/bug ridden corn it happens even here. Hope everything else goes ok.
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Here are some updated pics.

After 3 hours of smoke pulled and foiled with apple jucie and triple sec.

Took the beans out a little runny, but I think they will tighten up after setting up, that's where the mexican cheese blend woulda helped.

Thanks fo watching the QVIEW.

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It looks great! I dunno about the red corn, I must say if I had seen it I would have tried it too.....:)
I am hungrier now then when I started....
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Here they are pulled off the smoker after about 4 1/2 hours .

You can see how juicy they are.

I'll post a final result tommorow with a surprise.

Thanks Flash, I think it worked just fine.
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Yea, I was afraid the red corn wouldn't be very sweet. Sweetness is controlled by very few genes and last I heard was not well implemented in heirloom varieties.

It also looked a bit past prime. Notice the kernels mushed together in your original post? Anytime kernels are not well defined and rounded, it was left in the field too long.
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Sorry for the confusion, that was actually where I had a bite to taste. icon_smile.gif

Here is a few shots of the finished thing.

Delicious, moist and juicy.

The corn was BAD.

Now for the surprise?

They were dry cured with Mortons Tender Quick.

Another experiment off the table.

As always thanks for watching.

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