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Hi From Utah

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I've been mostly a griller until this summer. I got tired fo my ECB and picked up a GOSM Big Block did a pulled pork butt and got the family hooked.
Tried my first Fattie Yesterday and it made me wish I'd Known about them all my life. I'll Put up some Q-vue ASAP

Biggest Load So Far.
Top Rack- BBQ Black Beans W Jalapeno, An experiment in the Muffin tins
2nd Rack- 2 Brined Chickens Halved
3rd Rack- 2 Chicken Chile Cheese Fatties, 2 Brined Filets of Salmon and an experimental Chicken Breast
4th Rack- Corn and Wings.
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Welcome to SMF Slikk..Good info here and GREAT People enjoy
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Welcome from Northern Indiana ...............

Enjoy the SMF.
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Welcome, got a big block gosm and im trying to wear it out
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Great looking smoker, killer looking racks.
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Yummy...yummy...what's in the cupcake pans on the top rack??
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Now thats a stuffed up smoker! Welcome to the forum Slikk!
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Welcome to the forum slikk. That's a fine looking load in the smoker. Thanks for the Qview
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Holy crap! Efficiency points! Welcome to SMF...and keep posting Q-view eh!
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Welcome Slikk88,
It must be a chick thing, I am with Karen, whats in the cupcake pans???
BTW 88 is a great number!!
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Thanks all. Love this forum !

Cinn and BBQG:
The muffin tins contained an "Experiment" (which is my way of saying it didn't work out as I envisioned it) I was thinking Cornbread with Jalapenos (Pickled kind) and little smokies in a muffin tin but I "overestimated" the time I should allow for cooking these at 225 degrees (which is my way of saying I burnt the crap out of them!) So I have no edible results to share at this time.
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What a great looking load of goodies! If I did that, my wife would divorce me. It's just the two of us and we just can't eat that much! Too bad about the experiment.
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