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ABT's q-view

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Well after reading all the post on ABT's I finally made some. I took out all the seeds and all the viens. I used minced ham , onion, sausage, wrapped them in bacon and the I sprinkled some cheese over the top of them.

I keep them in the smoker for about 2 -2 and 1/2 hrs. They got a good amount of heat, but it's nothing some cold budweiser won't fix biggrin.gif Man I love these things can't belive I haven't tried these before icon_exclaim.gif
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yumm there looking good.great job
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Looks like some good grub to be had by all. Nice snacks!
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I hereby proclaim you habitually hooked on ABT's! icon_smile.gif

Great work!

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They are great. And your ingredients sound yummy.
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Hi my name is Matt " Hello Matt" and I am addicted to ABT'sicon_rolleyes.gif
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